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CMG organizes Business Loans and Working Capital for businesses with start-up and expansion projects from $3 Million up to $250 Million within US and for International Projects. Capital Management Group (CMG) is a California licensed lender/broker for financing small to medium businesses. CMG provides a full range of financing services to US and International business clients that include defining/improving business models, creating/redoing investment grade business plans including Financial Modeling, presenting the investment proposal to a screened list of lenders/investors, and obtaining approval/disbursement of funds from SBA, US and international banks/institutions and private investors/lenders

CMG can assist in the arrangement of US business capital ($3 Million to $250 Million), as well as political risk insurance for eligible US business based projects in the emerging markets & developing countries (150 countries). CMG facilitates the financing process
for its business clients by organizing:

  1. Capital for US businesses interested in investing in overseas operations
    as a partner or investor.
  2. US Government-backed political risk insurance to mitigate risks to US equity/debt investments.
  3. International business introduction to US investors
  4. US Businesses: Start-up and Expansion projects: Business Loans and working capital: $3 million to $25 million and more.

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Short Term Business Loans up to 12 months for CMG US clients:

For existing US SME(Small and Medium Enterprise) Businesses, while CMG assists the CMG business client to organize Loan or Working Capital/Financing from $3 Mil. up to $250 Mil., CMG may be able to organize an independent short term business loans at market rates up to 12 months, to improve short term cash flow, up to $500,000, for qualified CMG clients. For Details, email or call 714-439-9600.

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Five Biggest Problems Businesses Face When Trying To Get US and International Business Loans or Equities from $3 Million up to $250 Million.

  1. Lack of planning
  2. Too Many Hassles and Turn
       Around Time Too Long
  3. Lack of Administrative Assistance
  4. Hidden Costs
  5. Lack of Options

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What do People say about CMG

“You didn't do a good job, you did an AWESOME job.  Makes my life much easier!”

  • Regional Account Manager A Leading California Bank

“I appreciate everything that you are doing for me. I do understand that we need to make lot of changes. And I will. It might take some time but your hard work for keeping me on track is highly appreciated and it is not a waste of your time at all. I am learning a lot from you and want to learn as much as possible.”

           • CEO of  California Corporation (Yale Graduate) – December 2014

CMG Business Plans are very comprehensive.

           • VP of a Bank

All lenders and/or  investors  require  a  well thought -out business plan. it  is critical that  first  impression  is  positive,  and  your loan package  is  in  the  top  10%  of   all   applications   that   banks/lenders  or  investors  receive. We  assist  you to  achieve  this!!  Our database and other resources generate a screened list of potentially interested lenders and investors that are individually customized for each client.
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